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Generally speaking, The professional model taken by the online store is higher than the normal model. The professional external model is more than 100 yuan higher than moderate prices. Even if this circle is a newcomer, Newcomers are also a salary.I used to disclose part-time jobs to the reporter to make a net model. one day, I can earn two thousand yuan. This part-time salary is not low.
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Go to the car with friends on weekends.This friend is ready to enter the mobile model 3,And said he did his homework.Coosla Babi domestic electric car is at least six years.Kung Fu truck asked him where to see it,He said he knows to learn.I also have a letter to send me a link. six years ago,Tesla has just launched a model S in 2014.This car is 390km.Accelerate 6 per 100 km.2 seconds,Then, the price of this car exceeds 600,000,You have to say this car today,Can it be more powerful than domestic electric vehicles?I believe I know I will not believe it. Do you really have such a cow?Practice is the only standard for testing truth.This is just BYD and Tesla Hotel.We tried together. (1) Tesla Model 3,Mobile is not suitable,Because it is a car,I tried Tesla first.The store is not big,after all, There is no vehicle in Tesla in China.Most sales are 3 contributions.But it is beneficial to the overall quality of the sales.very professional. 3 Model This shape is particularly amazing,But now is a new mode, Many cars use model 3 design elements.It can only be ordinary. Its interior design is indeed "unique".basically, There is an interior design.The entire center console is a big screen.All control functions are implemented by this large screen.Sales also recommend their car function,Its driver is more comfortable. however, Individuals are not very resistant to these operations.Especially sales powerful voice control,do anything, You have to press several times,I think I am controlling it.But it is slipping me.There is virtually no physical button inside.Even the glove box will also open by the screen.it is just. New car comes with navigation,In the intersection of complex points,This indication is unclear.Always prompt to leave the left,therefore, Need to enter the crossroads directly.Almost mistaken.I think if it is changed to a complex and crowded road part.May miss your navigation.In fact, Personally prefer to map with cards.Music navigation,But now makers like to make a car.Can they do better than Gao Di navigation? Indoor crafts can only be considered,Static feelings are not very good,At least 300,000-level car feeling,Cars are also the size of a compact sedan. But model 3 is still very good,I called back and forth two to 30 kilometers.high speed,The whole speed is very smooth.It is different from the oil truck.Very linear acceleration,Special fast response,It is easy to surpass when elevated.Its lane keeps the system is really cattle,What is the door?It can automatically keep lanes,do not worry. Its single pedal driving mode is also a cow,This is to simplify driving,Peeling plate acceleration,Leave the pedal deceleration,The faster the pedal,The greater the braking strength.Loosen the throttle automatic brake,After the car stops,Cars will be automatically parked.Start a bit uncomfortable.however, I will "really fragrant",Driving in urban driving can save a lot of power. The other is that model 3 is very clear,There is a relatively obvious manipulation.But NVH has been completed.The sound insulation does not reach the B-class car. (2) BYD Han,Performance violence,Compared with paragraph 3,Details are exquisite,BYD is undoubtedly updated,The front of the dragon is just this.Plus nearly 5 meters of the body,The entire gas field is greater than the model 3. Interior design is not at the same level,BYD is obviously better,Whether it is workmanship or material,They are all flagship layers.And keep a lot of physical buttons,This is a personal favorite.Before the physical habit,"Blind movement" is very convenient.And don't worry about the problem of drum crash,after all, Configuring a mobile phone will crash. Software can be upgraded,Hardware can't,I can't keep it in a few years.The driver will definitely be very slow.It is said that the model 3 car collision cannot open the turn signal.It is terrible. Han's performance is really violent,after all, This is a dual motor machine.The speed of motion mode is "嗖".In fact, ECO mode power is sufficient.in the city, You are easy,Two-thirds of the throttle is enough to exceed the vast majority of vehicles.There is also its kinetic energy recovery.There is no general tracer to drag,I can't feel almost. Han's sound insulation is quite good,Sales is the library-level NVH,It is really worthy of this assessment.Some details have been processed very well.The seat belt is electric,Thick windows,Sunscreen, insulation, Anti-glare,Its super intelligent electric four-wheel drive system is also very fast.The new car is also equipped with a mobile NFC car key.No internet, Can also use electric power,This is an unimaginable expression. But tell the truth,BYD's sales is really not as good as Tesla,Many details are still our own.Sales are not familiar.And the mileage of the test drive is only 8 kilometers,This is a bit feeling.Personally feel the mileage of the test drive,You can make a more intuitive experience for your performance.For excellent performance models,Absolute extra points. (3) Comparison of core parameters,Han advantage price is obvious,It is a version of the Han Dynasty and 3 standard life fire.This is also the best version sold in both.Tesla price cut,Long life version still exceeds 300,000,No subsidies,Value cost is too low,basically, Everything is a standard life. But the model 3 price reduction,Han did not follow up.So actually land the price,Hanby Model 3 is about 10,000. From the size of the size,The advantages of the Han nationality are more obvious.4980 * 1910 * 1495mm body type is close to C-class car,Model 3 is the size of the B-class car,The spatial gap between the two is still relatively large. The top parallel dual motor is indeed better than model 3 performance,Maximum horsepower 494,Maximum torque 680nm,100 km acceleration time is 3.9 seconds,Disungent. and, Battery batteries are also more excellent.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reached 550 kilometers.Almost 100 kilometers to 3 models 3.Han also provides unlimited annual / unlimited mileage warranty,If the battery is healthy more than 70%,You can replace the battery for free.Warranty mileage is longer,More than 6 years 150,000 km.and so, Although the price of Han is a little higher.In fact, The overall cost performance is still much higher. After comparing friends,I also realized thatTesra has not commented on the sixth year,At least only mode 3 and Han,indeed,The overall quality of the Han nationality is more excellent.He is also more inclined to Dinghan. however, According to the sales representative,Han Jiu top uses picking trucks for more than four months,The model can pick up your car for more than a month.He also let him fall into entanglement.after all, Four months later,There will be a more explosive model to launch,This can be said.Don't be prepared,This is really suggestion. (4) Skill shooting this situation, 3 and BYD are two extremes.A very dependent power, The internet, smart system,Let the system work,People can be properly involved; one is designed by some details.Let the smart system driving service. Tesla's ideas are more radical.So there is more problems and accidents driving.E.g, The system drops,Direction is out of control,Suddenly increased or decreased,It is endless.There is anything to smart system,The result is a variety of "out of control" events.Compare,BYD is still a traditional flagship model design,Just this car design is more refined. Deluxe.Very good performance,Facilities are more affluent. If it is a tendency to relatively traditional driving experience,BYD is a nice choice.If you want to encounter more new features,Model 3 really dare,Dare to use.But friendship tips,Model 311 This wave is price cut.Haven't give up it yet,At least the long life version left a more obvious "tail",The possibility of falling a wave is very large.Do you want to wait?
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The latest version of the real-time application is to let you see a lot of wonderful benefits resources. You can watch a video player online. There are many people to read blood boiling. No matter what type you like, No matter what type you want, You can be very simple in thinking about the popular video of domestic or diplomatic comparison.Search is also very simple,This app also has a very interesting feature that you can choose your own identity after registration. You can use your identity.Communicate with others in software exchange, And don't worry that they will be deceived,Because they are used through the real name system. A line is very convenient,Can use it.
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