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Five hundred caves quickly rushed to Wuchuan,They looked at the reins.Looking at the horror river,The bridge on the river has disappeared.There are only a few wooden piles in the center of the river.Wu Gong County is in front,The city wall is clearly visible.But they passed the river.Cavalry face each other,I do not know what to do,Suddenly someone shouted,"There is an enemy!"The Navy will have countless cavalry behind them.This is very shocked,I shouted: "Go north!"Southern face is a national orchestra.They can't go,Can only go to the north,Five hundred caves move the horse to the north,Go out, Not far away,Kill a cavalry in front,Block it,They were surrounded.I immediately shouted: "Go out!"Five hundred cars turned to the East,Big yelling,Trying to go out,Guo Sheng is a cold order: "All is killed,Don't live!"Thousands of arrows shot at the same time to five hundred cars. This 20-year-old soldier,Thousands of army hungry,Desperate dizziness,Crush cold sweat,They got a long time,On the side I am walking in Wu Kung County.If you can cause death,Martial arts people have no knowledge being slaughtered.But go to the side of Uttawa,All screams are stopped,Everyone is stayed by the river.There is actually no bridge,Where is the first five hundred cavers running?Wang Lian suddenly responded,I shouted: "Prepare fight!"He just fell,Low angle sound in the distance,"-" The four thousand cavalry appeared in the northeast of Northeast,Look at them coldly,We will wear a golden helmet for the head.Holding a rod,This is the river, the river making of Guo Song.Siyuan military soldiers suddenly chaotic,Wang Li'an shouted: "Don't mess,Ask an array immediately!"The premise of Siyuan military soldiers assemble array is to give up our items.Put the donkey and property and then fight wholeheartedly,Wang Union also thought of this,So he decided to go to Yamuki.Dai County Soldier's property,Ensure safety,Soldiers can go all out to follow their own and Guo Songjun.But now he can't do this.No place can keep soldiers.Only let the soldiers give up money.Wang Lianne thinks too much,Heyuan army soldiers have corrected to win the wealth,How do they give up hundreds of gold and silver and many jewels to fight.Crush Qionglin Bank and after sunset,Their wars will be exhausted.Don't want to fight,Simultaneously, Keep gold and silver items.Then there is only one way.Escape!Soldiers did not hear the order.They helped their helmets.Throw away the spear of the event,Running and scorpion to north,First, Hundreds of people escaped,then, Thousands of people fled,Then evolve the collective escape of 20,000 army.Guo Song's sword,Cold: "Kill!"The four thousand cavalry suddenly released.As the mountain flood broke out,Thousands of knights shouted to kill from the Yuanyuan army.Siyuan Army soldiers are horrible,Desperately run,Wu Tingka has evolved into a massacre.This army is a multi-end of Changan.Guo Ge did a killing order,The cavalry does not accept the surrender of the soldiers.War knife is flying,Spear thoroughly,The grass in the past is grounded on the grass.Blood flow enters the river,Ding Titchuan,Many people jumped into the river to escape,But only few people can swim to another shore.Most people died in the river.This kill has experienced a lot of time.In addition to hundreds of people swim to the opposite other life,The remaining 20,000 soldiers died under the knife of the Hexi army.This is the battle of Uttawa, Shock.Two thousand soldiers launched Wuyuan Source were destroyed in Wu Tingchuan.They robbed the property,In Chang'an's hands, It has fallen into Zhu's hands.Part of the trophy carrying becomes Hexi,Even Guo Ge does not think that the gain of this annihilation war is so rich.however, The Lord will escape from Wang Lianhe.He was defeated by dozens of private defenders,The Hexi army fled to Toyota County before the trend.I escape from Feng Tian County.Guo Ge will order,Take the battlefield,A temporary bridge is built. Zhang Guangzheng was summoned to Xingqing Palace, Zhu Wei Jinsheng.He didn't know what happened,But he saw it in the yard,When it is blood, When Wang Lian,thought'?!"He understood,Wang Lianne defeated,This is very bad,This is just a few days,Is it defeated?The lobby is great.Zhu Yusheng,It is hand-back.Yuan Hui and Yao Song have arrived.Standing one side."See people to see you!"Zhang Guangzheng advanced.Zhu Yu put his hand in,Full angry: "Wang Lian's mother is idiot,With him for so many years,His thoughts were eaten by a dog,I have repeatedly explained him.Let him guide the soldiers gently,He should handle this problem in Xianyang.therefore, He actually wants to go to Yong County.Guo Song, in Wutong County,The entire army was destroyed.Zhu Wei was broken, Guo Song: "Queen of Guo Wang, Born,Everything is Tang Jun,He actually got the hand,The heart is a spicy,This 20-year-old full slaughter,Fuyuan army!"Zhang Guangqing knows that this is the source of military and civilians.They are not to catch money,Still abuse,Many expensive wives are ruined.I don't know how many people hate them fractures.Guo Sheng has killed them,It is undoubtedly a beautiful sketch of Chang'an Quanyi.He did not kill the right army and Fengxiang officer.Explain that he doesn't kill,This is actually a very high political wrist.This young man is not a general power!"Is the hall of the hall collect the army and his decisive battle?"Zhang Guangshi asked.Zhu Wei suddenly like a jade,sit down,Refers to the source seat: "The source representative said!"Before the source is resting, Zhang Guangdong said: "I have just recommended the hall,Guo Song took only five thousand people to close.Qin Wang's sincerity is not very big.Li Shi has released a book.Let him immediately bring the entire Hexi army to the king of Spadon,Guo Ge, some people will not promise,Temple regrets,From Wang Lianen, Wang Lian, and Li Shuyin should not hear it.Should go to Guo Ge negotiations.Zhang Guang map nodded,"This is also a suggestion.Li Shi Yong wants to kill Guo Ge,Take military power,How can Guo Sheng go to Baku to send death?It should negotiate,Even if he is not willing to be loyal to Changan,It can also keep him neutral.Everyone can do it."Source of sigh,"This is the truth!"You no longer complain!"Zhu Yu has some dissatisfaction:" directly said results.Yuan Xuan said: "His Royal Expressway knows the general and Guo Gee.I hope that you will negotiate with Guo Songge.Generally, it is possible."Zhang Jingyi hesitated,I got the head.For Zhu Wei: "I hope to go,Just don't know what conditions do you want to assure him?"Zhu Yu has not angled:" As long as he is not in vain,Others are very good,He wants to be a king as a prime minister.Even if he wants to become an emperor,I can also put plums below.Let him go to the grass.Zhang Guangyu smiled in pain.This emperor Guo Sheng is absolutely reluctant."I see, I see,I will go to Yama tomorrow morning.".Guo Sheng has returned to Hissing County,When he didn't think,Zhu Wei's negotiation messenger has not come,It is the first step in arriving in Qixian.August is the north of Chen Cang Road.I heard that Guo Song comb is near Chang'an.He is waiting in Yan County.Guo Ge went into the government.The official shouted: "Hexi Festival Guo Sheng is aim!Guo Ge,I am very busy: "Wait a minute,Let us make a clear words first.Who is the will of the bear?This is the will of Chang'an, The will of Chengdu,Or is it the will of Taiyuan?"Implement the official helplessness,I must explain: "In landing,The main book of the official secretary,This is a man,Just came over from Chengdu,Read the will of the sky.Guo Song said he is a father-in-law.suddenly,He is a bit good feeling,Look: "Take me!Don't read it,I am worried that I have not obedient.It's hard to make you.Lu Yao must master Guo Ge,Guo Ge completed the will,Specting in my heart,How about Li Shi?Improve yourself for the master of the prince,Then let yourself lead the river Western Army to the King of the Palestinian Dynasty.How can it be?No wonder Cui Guan accepts the will of Li Zhi,The army returned to the squad.He is a movie: "You return to life,That is, I accepted arrival,But Tubo and Shaoto are in Hexi,I can't take the army to leave.I will continue to defend the frontier of Datang.As for Changan,The land book can tell the emperor.I launched a Wuyuan Army launched a thousand years in Wu Tingchuan.This is my attitude."=====[Source source in history is this virtue,After catching the palace, Just like a wealth,Keep your wealth,Even Zhu was also done by orders,Who dares to fight them,Who is turning around,But ultimately, This army is still being lifted by Li Wei.Human wealth.】

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